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Our Pastor (and family)

Pastor Jonny Ormerod, Jessica, Josiah and Jacob"Little is much when God is in it" goes the old hymn and that sums up everything I seek to say. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website and give you a very warm welcome to our services here at 'the Grove'. As a church we seek to glorify the Lord in doctrine, deed and desire. Simply put, we want to show forth the love of Christ in everything we say and do. We would be honoured to have you in attendance at a Sunday morning or evening service.

I was born into a home where both my parents knew and loved the Lord. This, however, had no significance when it came to my own personal standing before God, for just like you, and every other human being, I was born in sin and separated from a holy and perfect God because of my sin. It wasn’t until I personally understood that I was a sinner, repented and turned, by faith, to Christ that I knew what it was to have peace in my life and to be sure of heaven as my eternal home. 

Since that day I have made it a mission in my life to share the good news of what Christ can do with as many people as possible. Just as the hymn I quoted above says, I am nothing and I am no different to you or others in this world, rather the difference that exists is all of the Lord. I want you to know that just as He changed my life, just as He accepted me regardless of the sin and shame I came to Him in, just as He looked beyond the circumstances of my life so too He can change your life, He will accept you no matter the stains of sin that exist in your life and He knows exactly what you are going through. Turn to Him by faith, repent of your sin and believe in Him alone for salvation.

God has blessed me with my wife, Jessica, and two sons, Josiah and Jacob. We are thankful for God allowing us the opportunity to serve in Grove Baptist Church and to preach the gospel in East Belfast. 

Please don’t be a stranger………come and visit us! You may come to Grove unknown to any of us here but everyone leaves a friend. 

I look forward to meeting you in person

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(Jonny Ormerod)